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The O'Fearghails were one of the four chief clans of the Conmacne.The O'Farrells (modern spelling) descend from the race of Conmac, son of legendary Fergus MacRoigh and Queen Maedhbh (Maeve). They were the princes of Annaly (roughly the Irish midlands); their chief seat of power was Longphort Ui' Fearghail (O'Farrell's fortress), present-day Longford.

Read a general history of Ireland and the story of Conmac.

The connection between the O'Farrells and James Madison Pearson is set forth on pages 21 and 23 of the O'Farrell Family History.

James Madison Pearson (M)
b. 17 October 1817, d. About 1867 1909

James Madison Pearson was the son of William Head Pearson and Mary White.
James Madison Pearson was born on 17 October 1817.
He married Elizabeth Ann Rose Brown on 29 November 1841.
James Madison Pearson married Sarah Catherine Reese on 28 July 1864.
James Madison Pearson died About 1867 1909.

Children of James Madison Pearson and Elizabeth Ann Rose Brown:
James Madison Pearson , Jr. b. 4 Sep 1843, d. About 1844 1933
Elizabeth Josephine Pearson b. 1 Dec 1845, d. About 1846 1939
William Fletcher Pearson b. 4 Oct 1847, d. About 1848 1937
Benjamin Rush Pearson b. 1 Aug 1849, d. About 1850 1939
Martha Caroline Pearson b. 7 Jul 1851, d. About 1852 1945
Charles Lafayette Pearson b. 10 Apr 1854, d. About 1855 1944
Albert Augustus Pearson+ b. 5 Feb 1857, d. Aug 1938
Henry Lucius Pearson b. 30 Oct 1858, d. About 1859 1948
Edward Pearson b. 1 Nov 1860, d. 31 Jul 1862

Children of James Madison Pearson and Sarah Catherine Reese:
Simeon Belle Pearson b. 14 Jun 1865, d. About 1866 1955
Lewis Walter Pearson b. 17 Nov 1866, d. Nov 1958 

The James Madison Pearson (1817- 1909) listed in the O'Farrell geneology is our great great grandfather. His son Benjamin Rush Pearson (1849 - 1939) was father of James Madison Pearson, our grandfather.And, there in the handwritten geneology of Benjamin Rush Pearson is a family connection to Sallie Coleman Farrell of Montgomery, Alabama.

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