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Benjamin Rush Pearson's Hand-Written Family Tree.

Our great grandfather, Benjamin Rush Pearson, hand wrote this family tree. Notice that in addition to the White family, there are also the Head, McCoy, Brown, Coleman, Ferrell and Letcher family names.

Benjamin Rush Pearson graduated from the Medical College of Alabama at Mobile in 1881. Interestingly, Benjamin's name sake was a famous Revolutionary War patriot and doctor. In 1874, Benjamin married Sallie Coleman Ferrell of Montgomery, Alabama. Benjamin and Sallie produced 3 children:

  • Mrs. William Rush Letcher (Elizabeth Ann Pearson),

  • Dr. Coleman Ferrell Pearson,

  • James Madison Pearson,

Benjamin Rush Pearson died March 12, 1906 at the home of his daughter in Richmond, Kentucky. Sallie died five months later in Montgomery. James Madison Pearson, our grandfather, was 22 at his father and mother's deaths. At the time, he was possibly in the Army and stationed in the Philippines where the Philippine Insurrection was winding down.

Benjamin identifies William Head Pearson and Mary White Pearson as his grandparents.

Benjamin identifies James Madison Pearson and Elizabeth Brown Pearson as his parents, once living on a family farm in Dadeville, Alabama. This James Madison Pearson was an attorney, in addition to owning a family farm. This family farm passed down to Benjamin's younger brother Charles Lafayette Pearson and was owned by Charles until his death in 1940. The farm may still be there today under the ownership of another Pearson family member. A family cemetery holds the remains of many Pearsons including Benjamin's brother Charles and their father James Madison, our great great grandfather. You can visit the cemetery's names by clicking here. See my article in August on Tallapoosa County, Alabama.

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