Monday, September 14, 2009

Time Traveler

You can go from here to there in seconds.

Here is the computer where you sit and there is Graffigny-Chemin, where Marguerite Chevallier was raised and where she met First Lieutenant James Madison Pearson.

Google Earth takes you to the church (in the center of the picture) across the street from where she lived. Observe the carriage house, and gardens of her house which comprise the bottom right hand corner of the picture. In my Google Earth view, the number 52150 appears on top of the house. A path to the left of the image leads to the hill where I took the view of the village. (See wikipedia entry on Graffigny-Chemin.) The path leading out of the village to the top of the picture goes to Bourmont where during World War I, the Second Infantry Division was originally headquartered. The path leading to the right is the ancient Roman Way from Langres to Toul near the birthplace of Joan of Arc.

Time travels. The past is the compression of all that has happened, waiting to be revealed.



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